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Kenneth Samples's New Book "A World of Difference"


A World of Difference: Putting Christian Truth-Claims to the Worldview Test

Publication Date: September 2007



At a time when Christian belief is constantly challenged, understanding different worldviews can help Christians think and live faithfully. Kenneth Samples's own life-and-death crisis encourages believers to develop a worldview perspective based on truth, critical thinking, and logic.  In A World of Difference, he addresses the historic Christian worldview and evaluates four modern-day competitors—Islam, naturalism, postmodernism, and pantheistic monism. The use of nine distinct and challenging tests shows how all worldviews should be assessed.

With compelling insight into Scripture, history, science, and theology, A World of Difference will challenge and strengthen your beliefs.


Author Information

Kenneth Samples serves as the vice president of philosophical and theological apologetics at Reasons To Believe, a Christian apologetics organization located in southern California.  Kenneth teaches a weekly adult class at Christ Reformed Church.  An experienced teacher and educator, he has taught courses in philosophy and religion at several different colleges and universities, and presently serves as an adjunct instructor in apologetics and philosophy at Biola University and at Providence Christian College.  Kenneth is the author of the award-winning book Without a Doubt: Answering the 20 Toughest Faith Questions (Baker, 2004) and is the co-author of three other apologetics related books.  He has published articles in such magazines as Christianity Today, the Christian Research Journal, and Facts for Faith.



"One of my biggest concerns for Christians struggling to make their way through the intellectual challenges of our age is that they often don't have the basic categories to think biblically about their own faith.  Ken Samples's A World of Difference will give them those categories."-- Kim Riddlebarger, co-host, The White Horse Inn; author, A Case for Amillennialism and The Man of Sin (Baker), Senior pastor of Christ Reformed Church, Anaheim, California.