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Schedule of Services

and Weekly Events

*Child care provided for children under 3 years of age






9:00 A.M.

  • High School and Children’s Bible Classes

10:30 A.M.

12:15 P.M.

  • Weekly Church Potluck

Come and join us in the fellowship hall right after the morning service for a fellowship potluck. Church members and visitors are cordially invited, and we'd like visitors to come as our guests (in other words, don't bring anything; the meal's on us). Hot food (Pizza) is provided.  Church members can bring a main dish if they wish (or sandwiches for their family, plus enough to feed two more people) and a salad to share. Plates, flatware, and beverages will be provided by the church. For those lacking cooking skills (i.e., single guys), stop by your local bakery and buy a pie to share. The afternoon service will follow immediately after our potluck luncheon.

1:15 P.M.

  • Afternoon Worship

"Learning the Basics of the Reformed Faith - A Study of the Heidelberg Catechism"

This trip through the catechism we will be breaking from the traditional "Catechism sermon" and instead focusing on the text of document itself and the Scripture proofs which support it. This series will be designed to teach you the basics of the Reformed faith so that you can teach it to your family. This will also be a perfect time to bring your non-Reformed friends, family and inquirers. You will need a Heidelberg catechism book and your Bible. So, please join us and bring your non-Reformed friends with you!


Wednesday Evening Family Night 


7:00 P.M.

  • Prayer and Worship *
  • Choir rehearsal

7:30 P.M.

  • Bible Study


Friday Night


7:30 to 9:30 P.M.

(See Academy Schedule)