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Nick Lamme Assisting Rev. Green

Joint Venture Committee* writes:

Perhaps the most significant change is the addition of Nick Lamme working full time to assist and expand the work of Rev. Green and CLIR (Confraternidad Latinoamericana de Iglesias Reformadas). Nick is a graduate of Mid-America Reformed Seminary, comes with his wife Rosie and their three children, and is excited about the work in Costa Rica. He has been working in Costa Rica since September, 2008 and his duties include: teaching at Tepeyac school, preaching, translating, writing, editing, and preparing the CLIR journal.

Rev. Green still continues on in the same capacity as before, but the addition of Nick allows him to expand the scope and reach of CLIR.

*The Joint Venture Committee is formed of members of multiple United Reformed churches, is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan; and is responsible for the financial support and oversight of the Costa Rica work.


New Pastor for Kauai Reformation Church

Rev. Daniel Hyde writes:

As you have heard by now, the Rev. Derrick Vander Meulen of the Bethel URC (Jenison, MI) has accepted the call of the Oceanside URC to serve the Kauai Reformation Church (Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii). We are overjoyed and expect the Lord's name to be praised on this island as he works out his good pleasure. Since we began public services in September 2007, the KRC has grown from its initial core group of around 30 adults and children to an average Lord's Day attendance of 50-60. Many of your ministers and seminary students [Rev. Marcelo Souza being one and Rev. Andrew Compton another] have served the church plant well and for that we thank them as well as your, their church councils, for their service. 

[Rev. Vander Meulen was installed at the Oceanside URC on June 28th and has moved to the island of Kauai to preach, teach, and shepherd this new flock of God.]


Logos Ministries in Malawi, Africa

Cope Gritter of the Wellandport Orthodox Reformed Church (WORC) in Fenwick, Ontario, Canada writes:

WORC is working with Word and Deed to build up the churches in Malawi. The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) is a large federation of 124 churches each with a dozen or more preaching stations.  One quarter of the churches have no minister and of those that do, the minister cannot adequately cover the dozen or so preaching stations scattered in the area.  This leaves the local elders, who are poorly trained, to do the preaching. This is why the idea of Logos Ministries was born.  The purpose is to teach the local leaders Reformed theology in order to deepen their understanding, build up their faith, and strengthen the churches there.

The teaching of the local leaders consists mainly of a travelling tour by Manuel Kamnkhwani (a Malawian and Westminster Theological Seminary graduate and acting director of Logos Ministries) and Martin Thondolo. They arrange a meeting with the leaders of a group of preaching stations and spend several days teaching them theology and supplying meals.

WORC is looking for ministers or trained teachers to volunteer to spend a few weeks in Malawi, at an arranged seminar, to teach and encourage the ministers there. Our hope is that the volunteers will be funded by their local churches. The ministers of the churches in Malawi do have formal training and understand English but in a church that seems to be a mile wide and an inch deep, they are stretched to their limit.


African Bible Colleges

Dr. James M. Baird, Board Member of African Bible Colleges, writes:

Please remember the African Bible Colleges need (and growing need because of expansion) for scholarship funds to enable qualified African students to fulfill the Great Commission in their own continent.  A $1,500 annual gift enables one qualified student to receive a full year of ABC's boarding school education.


Christ Reformed Church DC

Dr. Brian J. Lee writes:

Our big push this Fall is our "Calvin in the Capital" speaker series (, and we have a fan page on Facebook). We have gotten a lot of interest, and are promoting it widely. We covet your prayers that this event might raise our profile and help us add some likeminded folks to our core group. Already, we have seen an uptick in visitors and inquiries. In less than a month, people from 16 countries and 45 states have visited our website, and I just fielded a call from someone in Georgia looking for a DC church for a friend moving to town.

We are still quite small. It has been difficult to be actively growing the church while working another job (I now have a day job at the Missile Defense Agency at the Department of Defense... quite a unique URC pastor's resume I have going now). And we've lost some major families as the economy and politics has taken them elsewhere (including the Sasse family, who have moved to Texas). If we can get our numbers up just a little more, I believe it will be crucial for me to go full time. Christ Reformed Anaheim is one of the few churches that made an annual commitment to us last year. I am praying hard that other churches in the URC will see the value of what we're doing here in DC, so that I can tend to this work full time early in 2010.

Thanks for your prayers,

Dr. Brian J. Lee
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