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Floods, filters and fellowship: November 9-12, 2011. 

Floods, filters and fellowship came together November 9-12, 2011. 

The elevation of southern Cambodia in many places is only a few feet above sea level.  Most years during the rainy season extensive flooding does not take place.  However this year the floods came, which prompted Samath a local church planter to reach out to his fellow countrymen.  Samath’s friends told him of severe flooding in Kampong Thom where the Christians were not receiving much aid.  During their visit to Kampong Thom Samath and a medical student, Phearoum, saw the need for clean water and medical care.  Three weeks later November 9, 2011 a group of 30 Khmer relief workers made their way to Kampong Thom.  Samath made contacts with Global Aid Network, an NGO from Australia, which funded part of the project.  A young newly married Korean couple became of aware of the relief need in Cambodia as they were here doing research for a PhD project.  Through their church in Korea they raised money for two hundred clay pot water filters.  The organizing and additional funding came from the Cambodian people.  Phearoum spent his time tracking down water filters and medication.  In addition, he summoned 8 medical students to see patients.  The morning of November 9 the relief workers loaded a truck with the filters, packed a large van with medicine and water and boarded a bus to make our way to Kampong Thom.  Along part of the road we saw make shift housing and cows bedded down on the side of the road.  

Three local pastors arranged for the guys to sleep in one house and the gals in another.  We took breakfast and supper in a local restaurant, which also brought lunch to our clinic locations.  November 10 the journey began on a road muddied by the flood, but as we traveled the remainder of 10 kilometer one hour journey the road became dusty.  Samath and Phearoum traveled to another location to delivery water filters.  The student relief workers quickly set up the clinic.  Two people took charge of crowd control.  Three medical students registered the patients by the numbers given by the crowd control personnel.  The triage students recorded temperature, weight, and a short history on the clinical sheet.  Patients then made their way to the Khmer medical students and doctors.  I had the privilege of seeing mainly children.  At the next location the patients received their medication.  A Khmer medical student and two Korean nurses as well as others filled the prescription.  Afterward, the patients visited with the Khmer students and pastors who explained to the patients the good news of new life in Christ.  The local people prayed with the patients and got to know the patients we examined.  The first day over 200 people were seen.  November 11 after a short trip we set up the clinic under trees and canopies and saw over 400 patients.  On November 12 the local health department opened its doors so we were again able to see over 400 patients.  The health department had beds for inpatient care.  The prayer and counseling was done place in the inpatient ward where physical and spiritual healing took place. 

The Khmer young people who participated in this adventure worked very hard without complaining.  Many of them were anxious for their fellow countrymen to hear the good news of life in Christ.  The participants showed good respect for the Khmer leaders.  The Khmer leaders anticipate holding similar events in the future.  

Pastor Samath’s church, Khmer Christian Church, will begin worship January 1st.  Pray for him and the core group that is now meeting.  Pray that this fellowship of Khmer people will develop into a vibrant church community that will reach out to Cambodia and the rest of the world.   

Nancy and I look forward to working with Khmer Christian Church especially with the medical students.  Pray that we may see God at work in their hearts and minds. 

I first met Khmer medical student Kosal in February 2010, when the Medical Campus Outreach team came to Cambodia from Augusta, Georgia with 29 senior medical students, during the time he worked as a translators.  One night I saw him sitting on the steps deep in thought.  As I began to talk with him he explained to me his desire to bring good health care to the province.  The abject poverty and lack of healthcare in the province drove his desire to help his fellow countrymen. In September of 2010 and 2011 Kosal translated for medical teams working with us.  Kosal impressed them with his depth of knowledge and his ability to communicate with the patient.  In September 2011 Kosal bonded with the oncologist on the team to the point where they now exchange emails. As a result of the medical team experiences Kosal asked to work with me at Mercy Medical Center one morning a week.  During each of the times Kosal worked as a translator he heard the gospel and received a Bible.   Recently he expressed to me the torment he feels in his life.  Now it is as if a wrestling match is at work in his spirit. He is not wrestling with flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities.  Pray that his heart will be turned towards God.  Pray for me as I have opportunity to work him medically and spiritually. 


As God gives us opportunity to encourage medical students, encourage the growth of the church and work with patients at Mercy Medical Center, we feel privileged to be here in Cambodia.  Words cannot express our gratitude to the many who pray for us regularly.  We truly see the hand of God at work.  Many also give on a regular basis to our support.  We deeply appreciation your financial support.  Your sacrifice in giving is a great encouragement.  Over the past several months giving to our support has decreased.  In order for us to remain in Cambodia we need additional support.  A one-time gift is always appreciated.  Regular support will help us continue our journey here in Cambodia.  May the grace of God and His great mercy rule in all our hearts as we seek His ways and not our own way.


Dale Knutson


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White Horse Inn

Michael Horton writes:

Advances in technology have provided us with some very exciting opportunities to make White Horse Inn content more readily available to larger and larger audiences.  The growth of social networking on the internet and the wide acceptance of on-demand content by way of audio streaming, mp3 downloading, and podcasting are just a few of the advances we are quickly adopting to be more effective.  In addition, the improvements we are making to our web site,, are extending the reach of the Reformation far beyond what radio and print alone can do.  In fact we are preparing a major upgrade to the capabilities of our website in 2010.

The new year, 2010, marks the 20th anniversary of the White Horse Inn broadcast. I am humbled and grateful by the testimony of so many listeners who tell me over and over again "I understood the Gospel for the first time listening to the White Horse Inn", or "I discovered the Reformation through White Horse Inn." I know this testimony resonates with many of you.  It is indeed our story! And this story continues to be heard on the radio and now on the Internet, in CD players, iPods and mp3 players.  No longer is our message of Reformation limited to a particular night at a given time slot in just a few major cities, we are taking the Reformation to the world.


Bible College by Web

This new ministry of African Bible Colleges takes the invaluable lessons aired across Africa to the world. Anyone with an internet connection can now download these lessons for free (via iTunes, a web browser, or any "feed reader") and listen to them at any time of day or night.  What's more, those using a computer to access the lessons have the option of answering the study guide questions and fully participating in the course.  By answering the questions, listeners are provided instantaneous feedback and can receive a certificate upon successful completion of each course.

To find the lessons point your web browser to and select "Online Courses" from the right-hand menu.  From there you will be able to access any lesson or subscribe to them via iTunes.  New lessons are added weekly.


Westminster Seminary California

Dr. Robert Godfrey, President of WSC, writes:

In 2010 WSC will celebrate our 30th anniversary of educating future leaders of Christ's church to preach and teach the inerrant Word of God.  Over the past 30 years, Westminster Seminary California's dedicated faculty has provided a biblical, Reformed, covenantal, and practical education for more than 800 graduates who now serve Christ around the world and throughout our country.

It is our hope and prayer that the church of Jesus Christ will flourish in our time and that your children and your grandchildren will always have faithful preachers so that they will hear the whole counsel of God preached and come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. But faithful preachers must be fully and carefully educated if they are to minister the Word of God effectively.  WSC is a seminary where that is happening.

While there are many worthwhile causes competing for our attention and dollars, particularly in today's troubled financial times, we believe rigorous, high quality, biblically-based theological education like that offered by WSC must remain one of our very highest priorities.

Westminster Seminary California is committed to continue its vital mission to prepare pastors "for Christ, His Gospel, and His Church."  Please consider how you and your church can fulfill your biblical responsibility to support the work of the seminary through annual giving and by sending us as students those whom God has called to theological education.


Tepeyac Christian High School

Joint Venture Committee* writes:

Work project season is in full swing, and construction continues on the Tepeyac High School thanks to the many who volunteer their time and the many who give to this cause.  We are in the process of obtaining accurate cost estimates, but it appears that it will take another $200,000 (plus) to occupy the High School and outbuildings.

The construction of the High School building has been underway since 2001.  The goal of the school has been to build as money is raised, so when completed the school will be debt free.  Over the past few years the construction has continued to slow as it feels the effects of the slowing world wide economy. The donated funds have become less and less and have caused long delays in construction. These delays have caused the construction costs to rise. The bulk of the building is constructed out of concrete and steel, the cost of both continue to rise.

[To see photos of the construction work go the Reformed Missions web site.]

The tuition assistance need has increased 60% this year for the Tepeyac school.  We have 32 requests from 4 local reformed churches as well as school staff.  There has been a surge in students this year for which we praise God.

*Joint Venture Committee is formed of members of multiple United Reformed churches, is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan; and is responsible for the financial support and oversight of the Costa Rica work.