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Focus on Children Under Five by Dale Knutson

The birth of a healthy baby brings joy and happiness to a family.  In a world where mothers receive little to no health care and babies are delivered under minimal medical supervision, the death of a baby often brings heartache.  Childhood disease and inadequate birthing skills contribute significantly to attitude of complacency among parents.  So it is understandable when one observes inadequate bonding of baby and mother.  Why invest time, energy and resources into a baby who stands a chance of not living until his first birthday?

In Cambodia there has been marginal improvement in the infant morbidity and mortality rates among children under age five.  With our small medical team within Mission to the World we hope to improve the attitudes and statistics in the province where we have a presence.  To that end we have begun a project to investigate the health of the children under the age of five. Ambassadors graciously have seeded the money to begin the Under Five Health Project.  The communities will be surveyed, a course on identifying significant health risks will be presented to volunteer health workers from the community and we will monitor the children under age five.  Why do this project?

Showing interest in the health the children will increase the credibility of the church planters.
The information gathered will be presented to the community to encourage those interested in developing activities in the community that will positively affect the health of the children.

As the communities see positive effects of this project they will see other aspects of their community where change may be affected.

Above all, we know the message of the gospel is the most transformative message.  So as we respond to the gospel message we yield our hearts and minds to Christ with the desire to serve others.  This project will open the doors of the hearts of the people to hear the gospel.