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Printing Ministry by Bill Green in Costa Rica

Missionary Bill Green in Costa Rica writes about the printing ministry and audio sermons distributed throughout Latin America:

We are working two shifts down here, trying to keep up with church, conferences (lots of invitations!) and printing.  CLIR is translating the URC Catechism materials because there is a complete lack of any Reformed material for youth whatsoever.  CLIR is trying to fill this huge hole, and we've finished the first volume of "The Price of belonging" and are ready to print the second part. 

We are thrilled by all the opportunities God is opening up, but sometimes we feel the door is too big!  What we need right now are effective, honest distributors of our books in each country.  This has been a difficult process, and we are far from having a good network.  But we continue to receive feedback that our books are very reasonably priced, great content, and well presented (printing, cover, etc). If you haven't seen how our list of titles has grown, you can go to this page:

By the way, we have people coming to our church through our internet sermons - we just received two families this way!  And we have hundreds of folks around the world listening to Sunday messages. So the audio equipment you helped us with is being put to good use, and producing fruit for the kingdom!