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Christ Reformed Church of Anaheim Policy


Megan’s Law Registrants


1)  Purpose – This policy applies to Megan’s Law Registrants (Registrant) attending Christ Reformed Church of Anaheim.  This policy is meant to supplement terms of parole. 

This policy is intended to interact with other documents as listed in Section 2.  It is also intended to:  help ensure that the Registrant hears the Word of God proclaimed, partake of the Lord’s Supper, and protect the congregation of the Lord.


2)  Interaction with other documents – This document is part of a system which also includes: Scripture, the Ecumenical Creeds, the Three Forms of Unity, the United Reformed Church of North America Church Order, and the Registrant’s covenant with Christ Reformed Church of Anaheim.  Failure to adhere to any of the documents listed above may result in the permanent prohibition of attending Christ Reformed Church of Anaheim. 


3)  Church Attendance – Attendance at Christ Reformed Church of Anaheim shall be governed by the following: 

a)   All Registrants shall make themselves known to the Consistory before, or immediately upon, their arrival at Christ Reformed Church of Anaheim.  Failure to do so may result in being barred from attending Christ Reformed Church of Anaheim.


i)  Initial Screening

(1)  When the presence of a Megan’s Law Registrant is made known, the Consistory will, with wisdom and expediency, arrange an in-person interview with the Registrant, obtain personal references (e.g. previous pastor or chaplain), and be given contact information for his or her parole officer when applicable.

(2)  Further documents including, but not limited to, conditions of parole, police reports and court transcripts may be obtained by the Consistory for review.

(3)  The Registrant will not attend further services until given permission by the Consistory.  The Consistory will determine if the Registrant may continue worshipping at Christ Reformed Church of Anaheim after review of the gathered information.  If permission is granted, a covenant between the Registrant and Christ Reformed Church of Anaheim will be drafted and signed by the registrant agreeing to the conditions set in the covenant and the Christ Reformed Church of Anaheim Megan’s Law Registrant policy.

(4)  The Registrant must be willing to publicly make him or herself known to the congregation of Christ Reformed Church.  The Consistory will work diligently and with wisdom to determine the appropriate time to make the Registrant known to the congregation.


b)  Registrants shall be limited to attending Sunday Morning Service under the following conditions.

i)  Be escorted at all times while on church property by a Consistory approved chaperon.  This includes, but is not limited to, being escorted to the arrival/departure location, sitting in the worship service, and using the bathroom facilities.

ii)  Arrange time for arrival and departure at the, “Arrival / Departure Location” as designated on Exhibit “A”

iii)  Registrant is prohibited from all areas of the Christ Reformed Church of Anaheim campus except the church, “Sanctuary” as shown in Exhibit “A”

iv)  Registrant will sit in the area designated by Consistory before worship begins, yet no earlier than the opening prelude, and exit after the last hymn concludes.

v)  The chaperon will ensure that the Registrant leaves the campus upon exiting the sanctuary.


c)  If the Registrant is going to be absent from Sunday morning worship, they shall contact a Consistory member before 9:00 am the day of service.  Failure to do so may result in being barred from attending Christ Reformed Church of Anaheim.


4)  Permitted Access – Registrant shall be limited to the use of the church sanctuary and arrival / departure location.  Access to any other facilities is prohibited.


5)  Contact with Church Members – Contact with church members shall be conducted as follows: 

a)     Contact shall be mediated or approved by Consistory

b)     Alternately, contact may be initiated by the members themselves.

c)     Registrant may contact chaperone by phone or electronic mail.

d)     Registrants shall not:

i)   Initiate contact with members in person, via phone, e-mail, or any other mode of communication

ii)  Posses or view a church directory

e)     Contact with Consistory may be made in the following ways:

i)      Electronic mail –

ii)    Telephone

iii)  U.S. Postal – 900 S. Sunkist Street, Anaheim, CA, 92806


6)  Benevolence – If benevolence is required by a Registrant the following shall govern the interactions:

a)  The Registrant shall approach the Consistory and indicate that they (the Registrant) require benevolence.  The Consistory will subsequently direct the Deaconate to the Registrant.

b)  The Registrant shall not ask for benevolence from church members apart from contacting the Consistory.


7)  Failure to Comply –The Registrant’s failure to comply with this policy, will result in notification of the proper authorities including but not limited to Consistory, Police, or Parole officer.


8)  Limits on number of Megan’s Law Registrants – The Consistory reserves the right to limit the number of Megan’s Law registrants in attendance at Christ Reformed Church of Anaheim.  The Consistory also reserves the right to bar a Megan’s Law Registrant from attending Christ Reformed Church of Anaheim.